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Need Help with speed problem


Need Help with speed problem

Ok, I have a problem. I have tried a speed test with Plusnet,BT and ADSL Guide and they are all roughly giving the following output:

Downstream 470.8 Kbps ( = 0.5 Mbps )
Upstream 239.4 Kbps ( = 0.2 Mbps )

The above is from the test I done with ADSL guide. However I am recieving roughly the same from the Plusnet and BT Speed test aswell.I am on a 2mb connection Premium Option 1 and these speeds seem rather slow to me. I have even made sure i'm not downloading anything so thats not the problem

any ideas why my connection is running this slow would be appreciated as its quite frustrating.


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Need Help with speed problem

If you're getting these speeds from the BT Speed Test then it would suggest that the fault lies between yourself and the BT exchange. So the only thing that can really be done at this point is raise a ticket through to support so that they can investigate it further for you.