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Nearly six years


Nearly six years

I got a PlusNet account in November 2000. I'd read good things about Free Online, by Davey Winder in PC Pro. I've had a love/hate relationship ever since. Love: lots of gadgets included and good performance; Hate: apparent inefficiency and lack of professionalism.

The last 18 months have been a very trying time, as far as I'm concerned. Management seemed to adopt a very FU attitude, and the quality of technical services started slipping. Now, I have contracted-out all of my core services (email, hosting and usenet) to reliable third parties; evening speeds are attrocious; and I'm concerned that, if I needed support, I would have to wait unreasonably long times. Just what the hell am I paying for?

This really is the last straw. Six years is the longest I've stayed with any ISP, and it must show something, that such a long-standing customer has had enough. I've had it up to here with all the promises. Nothing seems to improve.

(interested to see if PN can say anything in its defence)
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Nearly six years

Hi there,

The issues you mentioned are the ones which we are currently trying to resolve. We're sorting out the support issues, waiting times on the phones have come down recently, and we're frantically clearing the tickets we have awaiting a response.

The network has caused us a lot of problems over the last few months certainly, a lot of which were our own doing. However, we've locked down the processes to ensure that we can't make any stupid mistakes again, and are spending a lot of money to get the platform how we want it, reliable, resilient and easily adaptable.

That said, we realise that some of this has been said before, and for whatever reasons didn't materialise, and that some customers have been waiting too long for things to change. We are confident that we are on the right track now to getting these problems sorted.

It is always sad to see customers leaving when they have supported us, and even more so when those people have been customers for a long time. All I can say from a personal perspective is that should you leave you will hopefully see that we have improved these issues over the coming weeks, and may return.

Nearly six years

I'd like to think you're right, Mand, but I've seen things deteriorate, even after promises were made that things would get better.

I've hung on for over a year, on the chance that PlusNet will become what it was five years ago, but I'm not waiting any longer.

MAC passed to Zen. Awaiting transfer date.

Nearly six years

I have also requested my MAC code.

Been a customer since 2002.

Just had enough of slow internet speeds and high pings.

Off to Aquiss.

Sad but can take no more!
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Nearly six years

I have been with + net since 2003. Still on 2mg speed. Asked to be maxed about 4 times, but not happened yet. I must say i havent had any real problems.And I have wireless with three p/c sharing. Just thought I would add another point of view.

Nearly six years

I have only been with PlusNet for about 18 months. Since then, the speed, reliability and customer service aspect of this ISP has gone from a straight 10/10 to 1/10.

On Xmas Day 2004 I had a problem and was able to speak to customer services within minutes. Now it would seem that PlusNet do everything they can to avoid actually speaking to their loyal customers while the service itself goes from bad to diabolical.

It is a real shame to see what was a fantastic ISP slowly and painfully commit commercial suicide.

RIP PlusNet

Nearly six years

Off to Aquiss.

He he, im not sure how good or bad Aquiss are... but I do know that their forum and Usergroup are based on these very boards here.
About a month ago when their forums opened we discovered that they were even freely advertising plusnet lol in one of the forum descriptions.

I have an image somewhere I think lol.

Nearly six years

I have done several nights of research on them on several sites and I have not read one bad comment about them.
They probably do not have as many tools or as mature control panel but to be honest I will accept this in favour of a good, stable and fast service.

Probably the deciding factor was the support I have received so far from them when emailing and calling their support.
I had questions regarding their service and payment methods.
It took them 10 mins to reply to my email and awswer my questions and this was at 10 at night.
I sent an email to PN at the same time I am still waiting for a reply!!

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Nearly six years

Well thats fair enough and an individuals choice entirely.

I was merely pointing out that the forums perhaps originated elsewhere with its wording lol.

To get an answer in 10 minutes ( email ) is superb for any company. An answer inside of a couple of hours is still very very acceptable and only the most impatient among us wouldnt even be happy with that.
The turning point though is that as customer levels rise, it is without a doubt that support requests and issues will too. How then the ISP deals with this and maintains this so that response times are kept minimal is a whole new ball game and story.

Plusnet have already acknowledged that they messed up and in a big way. But we should hopefully see some sort of improvement at some point.

Anyway if you decide to move I wish you all the best and I hope it all works out well. If you ever decide to come back, then let me know. I could do witht the referal fee Cheesy