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Native IPv6?


Native IPv6?

Is PlusNet planning on offering native IPv6 connectivity any time soon?

I noticed that pay as you go customers are being asked to trial a "new network" - does that include IPv6 support?
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Native IPv6?

The short answer is nope.

I'll save the longer answer for later, but maybe you can tell me why you have a need for IPv6?

Being a consumer lead ISP, we're more likely to spend time and money on things that customers want. IPv6 will come, but at the moment there isn't a lot of priority on it due to the sheer volume of work required.

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Native IPv6?

Hi there,

To answer the other part of your question, the new network we are trialling is the Retail Internet Network, provided by BT Wholesale. PAYG customers have had the option to use this for a couple of months, and will be asked to provide detailed feedback before a further decision is made on using this network in the future.