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NNTP and other traffic


NNTP and other traffic


If the whole of the network cant support nntp traffic and has to cap it, what on earth is going to happen when voip becomes mainstream. If you cant offer a service to a high standard, and I mean HIGH, no "oh we have to compromise this because our managers think that this is what is going to happen and this is happening".

Sort your effing nework out and managers out then so that this traffic can be allowed to transfer faster. If you think that nntp or anything else will hog other traffic on the network, then SORT IT OUT !!!!!!!!!!

I am not paying for a service to piss me off like its doing at the moment. My neighbour with a different ISP to the same servers has 4 times the bandwidth i have. You advertise your service as being up to 20 - 30 .. even 40 times faster !!!! but its not !!!

What year do we live in for god sake ? I understand you have to shape the networks, but please, when i log onto a server and get max bandiwdth and i can see the qos shaping the network to slow it down, it just makes it look like you think im stupid and born yesterday. Its just insulting frankly.