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I joined PN just over a week ago, so I've been checking out this forum regulalrly since then and I must admit I was concerned by the amount of negative comments I'd seen regarding line speed/dropouts etc. So I think its time to pass on a positive, good news story:

PN's customer service has been excellent from start to finish (including arranging my ISDN lines to be converted).

My line speed is constantly above 1500 and thats at peak times too!!

Well done PN - keep up the good work.

Thanks - an extrememly please new customer


hi and welcome to the forums and Plusnet Cheesy , good to hear you are having no problems with your connection and hope it stays that way :lol:
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Hi there and welcome to +net !

there are some people who are having teething trouble at the moment but there are also hundreds more like yourself that are more than happy with their connections
some use these forums but most dont so you dont hear or read about the positives which by far outweigh the few negatives that you read here

glad your happy with your service its a great choice of isp
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Hi there and welcome to +net !

... there are also hundreds more like yourself that are more than happy with their connections

Thousands more like. I think PN are brave to run these forums as they will MAGNIFY all the bad stuff going on. (It's a bit like the news on the telly: DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH etc.. some what depressing really, not so much GOOD news).

I rarely visit these forums because I rarely have problems. I am sure there are many more out there just like me (Sounds like Eminem!)

I hope PN continue with these forums as they are invaluable place to 'take the temperature'. Sure many people are 'peed off' with the upgrade fiasco but I am sure that a lot has been learnt about 'expectations setting' and, with patience, all will be well. (To give BT their due, when they finally get their act together, whatever hardware/networking they implement will probably be quite reliable...)

ps This broadband thing can be COMPLICATED. I have been in the IT business only 28 years and just went out to buy a replacement 'thingy' I got home thinking I had bought a ADSL/Modem/Firewall/Router combo only to find that I had not actually bought the modem bit (I had actually bought a ADSL/Firewall/Router combo thingy - subtly different!)

This is where packaged solutions like what PN offers with good phone support comes up trumps...