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+NET please opinion


+NET please opinion

Whilst I know that many of the users who actually post here are not happy with the service in one way or another you should take note of how dissatisfied some of your customer base is.

Whilst I freely acknowledge that I am one of those dissatisfied customers who has voice opinions, and perhaps gone about things in the wrong way at times, they are non the less my honest opinions of the current service I am receiving.

I have been advised by members of your CSC that Our accounts are not under any specific management, however when you look at the traffic shaping, I would ask how you can not call this Management? I put it to you that the management is Over the top at the vast majority of times, I am not saying that I want to be able to download p2p 24/7 365, I simply want to be able to get my use out of it as and when i need to, and at a speed that approaches my line speed.

Granted I am now under Level 3 Management, my speeds are going to be pretty poor however before I was even placed onto management I rarely saw any speeds of above 10kB/s until I downloaded Azureus and turned on encryption, only after this Did i notice an increase in my speeds to something that was more acceptable., and that does not mean maxing out my line 24.7

Whilst the information given to me in the tickets that I have opened with regards to this issue may be factually correct, the actual Customer Service side of things has been very poor and left a sour taste in my mouth with regards to the attitude of some of your CSC Agents. I freely acknowledge at this point that my own attitude has been less than perfect and for this I apologise, but frustration at paying for a service and not recieving said service is one thing I do not like having to do.

Now the annoucement of closing the Binary Usenet server, means another option taken away from us! Are we to see a reduction in price per month for this? I would say that the answer to this is no and is another reason for further customer dissatisfaction.

I am for the first time since I joined PN in september 2005 about to go OVER SUP. Now here I have a question, I assume that my account will be placed on a further management system, but is it possible that you could take into account the previous months where I have only used 3-5 Gb of bandwidth before being placed onto the Management system? (damn those Linux Flavours)

Here ends my Rant, I post this in the hope that someone from PN will read this and take into account what I and many other users on this forum find poor about your service and hope that you improve the quality very quickly.
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+NET please opinion

Great well said i feel the very same way about the PlusNet Customer service very poor and need dia improvment very quickly :?