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My speed's down the drain!


My speed's down the drain!


This problem has been going on for a while now, My 2MB Broadband speed has been deteriorating over time until now it's not much better than dialup. I have disconnected my router and computers overnight and reconnected, but no change in speed.

Below are the results from my latest speed tests and some earlier ones taken at different times.

I have escalated the fault via PlusNet who tell me there is no problem with the line, (really?), but don't offer any other advice. (Not a very helpful helpdesk) The readings shown below show the problem, before these dates I was consistently getting 1500K and above.

I understand that this could be a problem with my setup, which is a BT 2WIRE 1200 with Wireless LAN cards to up to four computers.

The problems show on all computers, including the main PC which is plugged directly into the Router / Modem.

So what do I do to find out where the problem is and if it's really not the line / service?


Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
23-09-2006 19:21:02 129.5
23-09-2006 19:20:28 129.5
23-09-2006 19:19:50 127.9
22-09-2006 13:16:23 107.5
22-09-2006 13:15:44 105.5
17-09-2006 13:17:38 510.3
17-09-2006 13:08:40 498.7
17-09-2006 13:08:20 427.7
17-09-2006 13:08:01 509.5
17-09-2006 13:07:38 497.6
16-09-2006 22:45:43 495.4
16-09-2006 22:40:01 496
16-09-2006 21:27:00 511.1
16-09-2006 21:26:03 499.5

My speed's down the drain!

Hi there,

What have you used to run the speed checks?

Run a couple from the BT Speed Test and post the results.

A couple from the ADSL Guide would also be worth trying.

Are you connected to an extension? If so testing at the master socket may be worth trying.

Are you seeing the slowdown whilst browsing or just downloading?
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My speed's down the drain!

You could also try:

The middle one keeps a trak of your results from test tpo test so you can compare, I have static IP so it helps me. If you have a dynamic IP then I guess you may also get results from the peopole who had the IP before you.

dslzone is good. To get the best results you need to know what line speed your connected at.

HOpe this helps.

Also try this will tell you which gateway on PN's network your using.

To change gateway disconect a few times and check this page after each reconnect. It could just be that the gateway your on is perfoming poorly and move to one of the others might make the difference.


ADSL Guide Speed Test Results

As you can see these results are not better than the PlusNet ones.

I am reading up on the BT ones. I was asked to do this before, but was not given a link to the site, so I haven't tried this yet. Looks a bit complicated. :-(

Speed Test Results
Downstream 112.9 Kbps ( = 0.1 Mbps )
Upstream 309.7 Kbps ( = 0.3 Mbps )
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My speed's down the drain!

Also read this, status pages are always a good place to check as well.


My speed's down the drain!

I've had a look through what I think is your manual and cannot find details on how to get line stats out of your modem. Your going to need to phone 0870 240 8530 (24/7) BT Help Support and ask them how its done.

The information your looking for is:-

(SNR) Noise Margin
Link Speed

But again post as much info as the modem gives. People on the board can pick through the info as required.

Helpfull reading:

Things got worse!

Speed Test Results from one hour ago:

Downstream 112.9 Kbps ( = 0.1 Mbps )
Upstream 309.7 Kbps ( = 0.3 Mbps )

Unplugged Phone Connections, Replaced Filter, Modem Cable, Connected behind face-plate.

(I haven’t replaced the LAN connection to the PC as the problem is showing on the wireless connections too and they don’t use that cable.)

Latest Test:
Downstream 44.3 Kbps ( = 0.0 Mbps )
Upstream 117.7 Kbps ( = 0.1 Mbps )

WORSE !!! Huh?

My speed's down the drain!

Well, here's the info on what I think might be the "Line Stats". Not sure if this helps anyone.


DSL Connection Details
DSL Line (Wire Pair): Line 1 (inner pair)
Protocol: G.DMT
Downstream Rate: 5536 kbps
Upstream Rate: 448 kbps
Channel: Interleaved
Current Noise Margin: 12.0 dB (Downstream), 17.0 dB (Upstream)
Current Attenuation: 27.0 dB (Downstream), 21.0 dB (Upstream)
Current Output Power: 19.5 dB (Downstream), 12.0 dB (Upstream)
DSLAM Vendor Information: Country: {B5} Vendor: {TSTC} Specific: {0}
PVC Info: 0/38

Internet Connection Details
Connection Type: PPPoA
Internet Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary Domain Name Server:
Secondary Domain Name Server:
Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU): 1500
Gateway Ping: Successful
DNS Communication: Successful
Configuration Server Post: Testing

My speed's down the drain!

Did another speedtest with and got these results, which at least are back up to 500K this time around. However ....