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My opinion on plusnet


My opinion on plusnet

Since day one, I've had nothing but great service, download speeds, and connectivity from plusnet.

I sometimes do download alot of data in a month, and find that my download speeds on an evening are restricted, which in my opinion is only fair to those customers who don't download alot of data. I tend to restrict most downloading to during the night and day when the network is not at peak useage.

I never get disconnected (that I know of), and I've never had any downtime (that I know of), I've only been with plusnet 4 month, but in this time I've had no problems at all.

I was previously with supanet, where I was regularly getting download speeds of 5kbps, and when I rang their support they simply said it was because their network was busy, and thier terms and conditions did state that the connection was up to 1mbps.....which I thought was pretty harsh. So to move to a company like plusnet was a big relief for me.

Granted, some of you have had issues, and fair enough choose to move away, but I like to give credit where credit is due.

Thanks plusnet.

My opinion on plusnet

Cheesy I too am happy with Plus Net as is my son. We both require a stable, rliable connection with fixed ip and this is what we get. I update and download at normal speeds, I am on PAYG and my son on Premier. We are both very happy with the service, it suits our needs perfectly and we did investigate the T&C's etc as well as the alterations and consider them to be quite well though out although implemented a bit haphazardly. We do not need P2P, Usernet or unlimited downloads so chose the product accordingly. If at some time in the future our needs change we will probably seek out a more suitable ISP, but that seems unlikely.
My son is a developer working from home and needs access to certian networks and servers so a rliable connection at a reasonable price is what he went for with Plus Net.
Thanks for the reliability and consistancy of supply

Alf Cavill
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Registered: 26-09-2007

My opinion on plusnet

Me too... I had some problems when first getting broadband ,but being in a really rural area this was expected! So far,plusnet have done everything for me that they said they would.

I'm not that big a user of traffic or p2p so the restrictions don't worry me.

Keep up the good work Plusnet!

My opinion on plusnet

Until a few days ago I had absolutely no problem with plusnet, but now I'd like to say that in my opinion they're a bunch of lying crooks. Worst mistake I ever made was going with a fly-by-night ISP like this. If they're going to close off p2p to BB+ users, at least give them the option of leaving without having to pay the remiander of a 12 month contract, seeing as plusnet have broken it.

My opinion on plusnet

to follow on from my original post.

I take it all back....the changes they've made the last couple of days have rendered my adsl connection useless to me.