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My line has magically improved!


My line has magically improved!


I was maxed back when +net first allowed queue jumping (May ish?).

I live >3KM from the exchange in a rural area. I have mostly synced at 7616 or there abouts and had a +net stable rate of 6000 / 6500, depending on the number of drops I got.

I have always had a number of sync losses every day with more in the evening especially at around 10 pm.

For a few weeks I have been monitoring the line with l8nc, it always showed, (besides the major disconnects), a huge number (every few minutes) of short 30 - 40 % loss red lines..

NOW on Monday morning when I looked at the l8nc graph for Sunday, there had been a major disturbance at 6:45 am Sunday morning red to 100% for some minutes.

Since then , i.e through the rest of Sunday, all Monday, Tuesday and this morning, the characteristics of the l8nc graphs have changed. Apart from a couple of thin red lines of 60 -70 % amplitude, the field of red "grass" has completely vanished. The graph now reflects the l8nc example graph of a "good" adsl connection, a flat bed of yellow around 30ms.

When I checked the +net stable rate just now it is showing 7000 mbps. for the FIRST time EVER.

Why has my line suddenly dramatically improved. I cannot believe BT were working on Sunday morning at 6:45 am! Unless some BT bot automatically checking the line switched something!

My SNR margin is 11db, Attn 34db at the moment (they are always around these figures) and the connection was interleaved months ago.

Could anyone suggest what has changed to so drastically improve my connection?

Unfortunately the increase in rate does not appear to have translated into an increase in transfer speed, I have just run a couple of speed checks +net 4.37Mbps and Rasp 4.84 Mbps !

All in all I am very happy with MAX ADSl. When I joined +net on a 1mbps home worker connection. BT said I would never get 2mbps. I had to promise to pay to return to 1mb if the 2mb didn't work.

Even now the line checker says:-

Your exchange is ADSL enabled, and our initial test on your line indicates that your line should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides a line rate up to 1Mbps. However due to the length of your line the 1Mbps service may require an engineer visit who will, where possible, supply the broadband service.

Our test also indicates that your line should be able to support a potential ADSL Max broadband line rate of 3.5Mbps or greater.