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My concerns


My concerns

Before I start, I am not leaving or even planning to, I just want to voice my concerns about the product refreshes that have occurred in relation to other similar products available. I am on BB+ and to my knowledge have yet to be migrated to the 8mb service. I am also a very light user generally, and very rarely exceed 1gb/month in bandwidth usage.

I joined the BB revolution in May last year, after several years of considering it. I researched companies and products, and submitted pre-sales questions to plus net regarding the service before purchasing. Essentially these were regarding pricing, what you get for your money and how this might change. I was told that any price drops would be passed on, fair enough, no price changes have happened so no issue there. I was also told that the service included unlimited bandwidth usage except in exceptional circumstances, but there were some restrictions on stuff I never use like P2P software and bandwidth shaping was enforced. None of which was an issue for me.

Great I thought, as I had plans to try some things like home surveilance and gaming that would benefit from this kind of service. I havn't actually done any of this, but am still considering the best options. What disappoints me is that in the space of a year, my bandwidth allowance has essentially gone from unlimited (within reason) to 3gb/month. I am perfectly happy to accept that this kind of limiting needs to be enforced, but what I now find is that I get a lot less for my money. What is more worrying to me is that I could fall foul of many SUP policies if I do the things that I bought the package to test for in the first place, i.e. surveilance and gaming.

I would like a response if possible from plusnet regarding this. I have no real problem with the service as is, and support has been good on the occasion I needed it. Also, like I said, I don't want to migrate, but I feel as though my package is being squeezed into an untenable situation where I have to either pay more to get what I originally bought, or be forced to leave, neither of which I would actually like to do.

Finally, I would like to complain about the last reduction in bandwidth allowances in conjunction with the reduction in peak hours. Like many folk I would imagine, I work 9-5 and therefore the reduction in peak time hours means nothing to me. The reduction in peak bandwidth does however as I effectively have the same time on peak hours, but less I can use.