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'My Questions'


'My Questions'

I am about to leave PN due to the inabilty of Support Staff to answer specific questions under 'My Questions'. I had severe line problems taking by BB data rate from 2meg down to 160K. After four weeks of totally ignoring the majority of my questions, I had to take over reponsibility for sorting out BT Openreach.

What makes matters worse is that PN have no system in place for escalating faults and no system (that I am aware of) to allow customers speak to senior Managers responsible for delivering such a poor level of service.

Am I alone in this experience?
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'My Questions'

Hi there,

More often than not a change in the bRAS profiling of your line is largely out of our control. A drop to 160kbps isn't necessary indicative of a fault as this is how the product is designed. The likelihood is that there was a short reduction in your sync speed that caused this.

The best advice in these circumstances would normally be to avoid the use of any extension cabling, remove any unnecessary devices from the line, check or replace your filtering and plug into the master socket if possible.

A reboot a couple of times a day ensuring you re-sync at a respectable level would then normally then see your IP profile increased within 3 days or so.

Is this along the lines of what you were advised.

How exactly did you 'take over responsibility of sorting BT OpenReach out'?

Kind Rgds,

Bob Pullen
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