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My Plusnet is still down


My Plusnet is still down

I am getting a tad peeved now - everything about Connectivity on the service status page is green - so why can't I reconnect after this morning's outageHuhHuh?

I have raised a ticket but it's going to take over 11 hours to be answered - I need my connection now - I help with a charity and we need to get our emails in our inbox - not on webmail.

Anyone else out there who still can't connectHuh Or is it JUST me....... I'm certainly beginning to feel it is...... over 2 years with PlusNet, on the whole I've been happy but I am particularly cheesed off today.

No doubt someone will say something like "there's a fault on the line, BT told us", but my son in law is a BT engineer and has already checked it out, and there isn't....... so where to now.

A very peeved GJA

RE: My Plusnet is still down


The problems in existance have been caused by a problem at BT's Ilford POP, which is where much of the UK broadband traffic goes. This problem has affected many ISPs and while the matter is now resolved there does dseem to be some residual problems on BTs network. All I can suggest is that you continue to retry and you will get connected soon.

As you can see from this graph - our ADSL bandwidth usage has now prettyy much returned to normal following the outage earlier.

I'm sorry that you are one of the unlucky ones. This matter is out of our control but we are working with BT to assist where we can. Your ticket is close to the top of the queue and should be dealt with shortly.


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support

RE: My Plusnet is still down

Cheers Ian

I managed to get through on the phone line and the support said that they don't know what was going on. But I'll take your word for it though as you do seem to be right most of the time! Smiley