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My Max Dsl Connection Speed


My Max Dsl Connection Speed

Just been put up to max dsl 8mbps & this is my speed test results

Downstream 1,824.4 Kbps

Upstream 376.2 Kbps

Is this a good connection speed,or should it be better.


PN connection speed!

Cry You should be so lucky!!! Prior to "up to 8Mbps" upgrade,(about 4-5 weeks past!) normal speed was in excess of 900Kbps. Queried this last week week and for few brief hours 2.3Mbps was recorded. Speed then went haywire up, down and everywhere in between but at least it was in excess of 1.5Mbps normally.

Then late on the 11th October speed reduced to approx. 480Kbps and has remained at this level for the past 4 days!!! Have sent numerous e-mails and got no where! PN suggesting issue needs to be raised with BT (how long will that take?) Have told PN it is not a hardware or software issue but do they listen?

1st Year contract ends shortly, will request a MAC code and then I`m off!!!!

My Max Dsl Connection Speed

In order to be able to say if a speed is reasonable, please supply sync rates, SNR margin and line attenuation.

If you have a problem on the BT side, moving ISP won't fix it. Best to get it fixed first IMO.