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My First Four Months With PlusNet


My First Four Months With PlusNet

After having a bad experience with a different ISP, I cancelled them in favour of back in April. The process wasn't smooth and clearly no-one has thought through the switchover process fully, but it went through and, initially, I was very happy with my new, more expensive ISP in PN.

I switched to PN on the basis of the extremely quick amoutn of time they took to answer my pre-sale questions on the phone and via email, the promises of 'as soon as upto 8mb is available in your area, you'll have it with us' and the features offered.

The amount of time it now takes to get through to somone on the phone is not acceptable for a 'premium product' and the relevance of replies sent via mail are very poor, combined with ludicrously slow response times and unhelpful/incomplete answers.

The promised 'upto 8mb' despite every other ISP offering such a service in this area has still failed to materialise, even after being on the 'opt-in' list before it was announced.

The features on PN remain good, but when the most basic of those features, email, is poor beyond belief and seems to suffer from MAJOR outages at all to regular intervals, often for days on end - it becomes utterly unacceptable.

Today is another example of this, and it is time for decisive action from PN to put an IMMIDIATE STOP to these problems.

I am not a serial whinger, I don't often visit these forums and I am not looking to get into a debate about my thoughts with anyone - what I am is a customer who is paying a lot of money for an unacceptably substandard level of performance.

I am not interested in any more excuses from PN, I have been extremely patient as well as silent whilst the promised 'improvements' have been implemented, but it is clear that these measures have not been a sucess by any stretch of the imagination.

It is now time for the people responsible for these failiures to have them fixed immidiately.

Both of the business accounts that I am responsible for as well as my personal account are in grave danger of being taken to a more professional ISP very soon if this is not immiadiately addressed at the highest levels. Quite frankly, I might as well take them to one of the new 'free' ISPs, who seem to be able to offer reliable 8mb connection and email servers that are not always faulty.

And PlusNet want me to move my home phone to them.....?

My First Four Months With PlusNet

I've started my own post on here tonight and I am thinking i will be writing something along your lines shortly!

I came to Plusnet because they came top or thereabouts on many ISP review sites, but I can't believe the amount of unhappy customers I see on the forums.
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My First Four Months With PlusNet


I came to Plusnet because they came top or thereabouts on many ISP review sites, but I can't believe the amount of unhappy customers I see on the forums.

Thats the nature of forums though.
Not many people post when thay have no problems so you will see a tainted view on here.
It's mainly the people with problems, some of which are taking too long to resolve that you see on here.
There are very many users who have no trouble and just dont use these forums.

My First Four Months With PlusNet

I spotted a post here yesterday from a guy who was migrating in to PN, but who had supplied the wrong mac code.
Needless to say, his post was answered in 9 MINS.
They will bite your hand off to get you in. Once your here they simply dont give a shit.

My friend was with PN for a long time. I saw first hand early last year how good they were with their CS. He had to ring them several times about minor problems and some general enquiries. The phone was answered in no more than 60 secs on every occasion, by friendly and curtious staff. This, alongside their great reputation persuaded me to join them when BB became available in my area.
I joined last November, just as everything started to change.
Now, i have to say, the service i have recieved hasn't been too bad. I have learnt to live with the usage caps and traffic shaping, i can see its a neccesary evil in this day and age. I also have generaly had a good connection. Luckily i havn't needed to contact CS yet.
Over the last few days i have (along with many others by the look of it) had some ping probs and p2p has ground to a halt
during the day. The threads concerning these issues are alredy very long, but theres not a peep from PN.
I simply can't be bothered to raise a ticket that will probably not get answered for weeks. i will wait to see the outcome of others that have raised tickets.

As the OP said....they want us to sign up to their telephone service as well? what a joke....i really need to upgrade my BB product as well but none of this is going to happen until PN pull there fingers out of their arses.
Despite many claims that "Things are improving and will continue to get better" there is very little sign of this happening at the customers end.

EDIT:- Funnily enough, within 7 mins of posting this i get a reply on the 'Bad Ping' thread. Coincidence? i'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

My First Four Months With PlusNet

I'm not belittling the problems either of you have had - far from it - but you're probably not going to get many people posting on this forum that haven't had any problems at all. How often do people post on any company's forums saying "just wanted to say all is good, thanks for giving me the service I am paying for"? Never - they expect it (and rightly so) and it's only the horror stories you end up hearing about.

I know some of the outages have been completely unacceptable but fair play to plusnet they have put their hands up when they have been shit and not tried to sweep it under the table. No other ISP I have used have had a forum such as this too where the staff do actually read and take note of what people are saying.

I have been with plusnet for a number of years now and yes recently the connection has not been quite as good as it was previously but it is still respectable most of the time.

Like everyone says - the grass is always greener - it's not good that you are having problems, agreed, but don't burst a vein because you're stewing about it please! Life is too short.

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My First Four Months With PlusNet

As I said, I am not looking for a debate on this subject, this thread was started as a non-forum user who is simply sick to back teeth of paying for a substandard product.

And trying to run effective business communications when, for the third time in as many months, email access is non-existant is simply not possible. Business has been lost as a result of these outages and no business can operate (unless it is an ISP it seems) unless it can talk to its customers.

What I am looking for is a detailed explanation of how this is going to change, starting now, from PN.

My First Four Months With PlusNet

Andrew just as a tip - I also run a business but have kept my email well away from a third party ISP to handle so fortunately I've not been affected by the recent blunders in email deletion.

It might be worth getting a domain name and a very small amount of webspace, then you can dump plusnet's email box and look after your own. You'll benefit from being able to send and receive using your company's domain name too rather than PN's.

If you're not sure how - feel free to drop me a line.



My First Four Months With PlusNet

I've absolutely had enough of them. For the past 3 months, my email has worked about 30% of the time. for the remaining 70% of the time i either need to reboot several times, or else it just plain doesn't work full stop. Internet connection is dicey and times out at least three times per session.

Enough of it. I'm moving. Appalling service.

My First Four Months With PlusNet

Oh, and perhaps the reason people on +net don't log on to other forums to complain about their providers is because they can't actually connect to the internet!

My First Four Months With PlusNet

As a further insult to yesterday's shambles, this morning I (again) cannot connect to the email servers, even webmail doesn't work.

This is pathetic, there is nothing documented about these failures and at the start of the new working day no-one can be bothered to update their customers.

Today I will be researching alternative ISPs for all the accounts I look after.