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My Anniversary with Plusnet!


My Anniversary with Plusnet!

Dear Plus Net Staff,

Throughout my year or just over of being with you, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, customer service and quick responses to any queries I've ever made. That includes the volunteer staff on the forum, whom I believe should get reduced subscriptions for the time and effort they put in to make Plus Net what it is today, the best IMHO ISP I've ever been with!

Keep up the great work, I know, as long as you give this kind of service, I will have a long and happy relationship with you all.

Best regards,
Cass Cheesy
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Registered: 08-06-2007

My Anniversary with Plusnet!

Hi Cass,

Thanks very much for your feedback, I will pass it onto the support centre for you. I am sure the moderators will agree with your sentiments as well Cheesy

Community Veteran
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My Anniversary with Plusnet!

I'll say :lol:

Has it really been one year... I remember when you first joined the forums witty!


My Anniversary with Plusnet!

lol, I know frightening isn't it Wink