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Moving telephone number and broadband service


Moving telephone number and broadband service

Hi Everyone,

Here is the situation: moved to a different building approx. 250mtrs away from the old one, trasnferred the phone number and it is the same exchange. Plusnet is saying they need to cancel adsl on the line and then reactivate it which will cost £52.88+VAT and it will take up to 10 working days. :shock: does BT really need to reactivate adsl on that line :?:

After moving the number to the new premises I checked the number at and it was still showing adsl active and an open order probably from PN. Since PN has turned off the broadband now it is coming up as normal analogue line without adsl. I just don't understand why it'll take that long to get broadband on that line since it was already showing adsl on the line after the move. Has anyone been in the same situation?