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Moving house questions


Moving house questions

I'm moving into a new house but the new one doesn't yet have a phone line (Grrrr BT). It's likely we will be without a phone line for a week or two.

BT have told me what they think the new number will be but can't guarantee it (Grrrr BT). Should I give this number and hope or wait and see which number they really give us?

Meanwhile I will have to tell BT I am moving out as the houses is rented. Do I need to do anything to stop cancelling my account when the existing line phone like is cancelled?

Without an internet connection I won't be able to log into my account to change the phone number and address online. Is there a phone number to call for moving house?
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Moving house questions

Hi turnersoak,

There are a couple of options for your house move.

You can place the house move request now, with the number you have been given advising us of the dates you wish the old service ceasing and the new one providing. If the number changes when activated you can call us again.

You can wait until the line is active and then try and get internet access to provide us with the house move details and payment option.

Alternatively there is an option to do a sim provide.

A sim provide is where BT switch on the broadband at the same time as they activate the phone line.

This is not always very sucessfull and there is a chance that the order will be completed on the same date as it would have been had you placed a normal order.

If you wish to try a sim provide then you will need to raise a ticket on your account advising you wish to place a sim order and we will be able to generate a referance for you to give to BT. We will need a minimum of 10 days notice to place the sim order so you would need to request this ASAP.

You will need to inform us of the house move regardlesss of the method used so that we can ensure the cease is placed so that you are not charged for the old connection longer that is necessary. If you raise the house move order whilst you still have access you can call us at any time on 0845 140 0080 should anything change.

Moving house questions

Thanks for the reply.

I spoke to BT just now and they initially offered to do the move (SIM?). Unfortunately they said they couldn't because a new line has already been requested. It's a new house so we had to order a new line months ago.

I tried a dummy run through PN's moving house web page but it won't let me enter the new house address...because being a new house it isn't yet in the postcode database.

I'm out of time today so I'll try calling PN over the weekend/monday.
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Moving house questions

Yep. Worth bearing in mind that it normally takes about 48 hours for BT's PreOrder checker to update.

Moving house questions

I've not heard of "BT Preorder checker"? Will have to google that.

Meanwhile I took another look at the PN move house page and discovered if you enter "other" when the postcode database fails to find your can then enter the house name.

So hopefully I'm all set. Just need BT to grow two new telegraph poles to replace the ones they have decided can't take the weight of my new phone line :-)..or something like that.