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Moving house - my experience


Moving house - my experience

As promised I wanted to share my experience with moving house. I knew well in advance the date of the move but still had to do a lot of searching to find the best way to have the internet connected.

Firstly, if you phone BT to have a phone connected at the new address they will automatically put an order for a phone line NOT phone+broadband. So you will have to specifically request Simulataneous (Sim) order which will activate broadband and phone at the same time. Why on earth they don't ask you if you want it in the first place is beyond me but they obviously only look after their own ends. You need to give Plusnet the code from BT.

Secondly, do NOT use the house move tool as it only uses the conventional method of getting broadband set up once the line is active which can take 10 days.

Raise a ticket instead and ask for the Sim order. I have been told that eventually this will be available in the House Move tool but till then - raise a ticket. I did go through the Move tool but once you place the order it does tell you that any comments you add - like mine about the sim order - will not be seen by the support staff till the house move has been completed. Fortunately a kind soul from Plusnet transferred my quierry to the Sim order department.

Last but not least allow 3 weeks if you can but at least 10 days for this process. Plusnet do say it's not 100% reliable as yet but I think it's your best chance to have uninterupted service.

Finally, how did it go for me? Well, the phone was disconnected in my old house at 4pm on a Thursday. An hour later I got a text from Bt that the line in the new house is set up. When we moved in the following day the computer went up first - and internet was on!!! So I asume as it was set up at the same time as the phone that I actually had a connection an hour after it was disconnected!!!

Well done Plusnet!!!

Considering that the tech support from my husband's company was without the internet for a month after he moved...
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Moving house - my experience

Excellent, that's good to hear. The sim order process isn't perfect yet but as you say the more time you allow for the process the better. Three weeks means that if something does go wrong there's usually time to pick it up and try again or try it the normal way.

Moving house - my experience

BTW, I didn't mention I did not keep me existing number so I guess that helped too!

Moving house - my experience

Glad it all went well for you,

i am moving house on the 30th may but taking the same number with me,
when i phoned BT to ask about a sim provide they said that this would not be possible because the phone line to the house i am moving to is not a BT one ( i didn't quite understand this)but they have said my number will be transfered over to the new address on the 31st may,

does anyone know the best way to get my broadband swapped over? do i have to wait until i am in my new house with my phone number swapped and working before i ask PN to swap my connection?

i have a question open at the moment asking the best way to go about things but thought i'd ask you guys too,
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Moving house - my experience

Hi there,

As discussed this is now in hand. Smiley

For anyone else wondering the best way to go about things, it is always best to give as much notice as possible, as there are so many variables and different BT systems to work with when moving landlines and broadband.

A sim provide is the best option from a convenience point of view, however this is not always possible.

If this is not possible, particularly if you are keeping the same number, it's worth remembering that it takes 7 days to cease the service at the old address, 24-48 hours to update across all the systems, and a further 7 days to place the activation order at the new address (assuming that the new phone line is in place by this point the minimum practical timescale for the whole process is 16 days).

Moving house - my experience

thanks for the very prompt and helpful call how things have changed around here Tongue