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Moving house? Only £52.88


Moving house? Only £52.88

I'm moving house.
On the top of all the frustration and money bashing this involves, the another problem comes from a fee.
I need to pay £52.88 to stay loyal to plusnet!!!!
That is way too much.
It might be way cheaper just to change provider...

My 5.288 cents


Moving house? Only £52.88

Does that not represent the BT connection charge?

You may have to pay that whatever ISP you choose, as it's a new connection at a new property...
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Re: Moving house? Only £52.88

I'm moving house....

I need to pay £52.88 to stay loyal to plusnet!!!!

I think your mistaken there. I'm sure that if you stay loyal the fee is deferred... check the help wizard.
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Moving house? Only £52.88

Yeah. As far as I know the "you stay, we pay" offer is still available where the reconnection charge is deffered and reduced. See here


Edit: Just had a look and it is the 1st option on the Move My Broadband link in the Account Details section. You just need to pay £5.88 though

Moving house? Only £52.88

They move most of that cost, as long as you stay loyal.
If you do not, then it becomes disconnection fee.
I had such a nightmare with the BT trying to get a new line.
They told me so many contraversial stuff.
The best way to go ahead is to ask to move broadband together with the line. This would cut the waiting period to one week.
Also if you are moving into new house make sure that previus tenant has freed the line and number, since this was not the case with my new number.
Now I will have to wait two weeks for my broadband.
Very frustrating...