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Moving home woes once again


Moving home woes once again

Yet again Plusnet are on the verge of making me go postal. Wink

I wish to move house and take plusnet with me. I moved 2 months ago, paid the admin charge, and EVENTUALLY they started BB at the new address (temp address)

At the time I was informed by tech support that a new move would only incur the admin fee again, as I wasn't cancelling. When I try to move house on the website now however, the charge is £58?

I don't think so buddies.

I sent a "Question" on tuesday afternoon.... It's friday and I've heard nothing from them, and to try and get through on the telephone helpline is laughable at best, pathetic at worst.

THis little post is going to every major review site I can find, any PC related forum, and most particularly to any Broadband review websites (you know, the ones at the top of the google searches) as a warning.

I am SERIOUSLY dischuffed.

ANyone from plusnet care to answer? (Laughs at the 21 hours average response time for "questions")

Moving home woes once again

When you say 'eventually' how long was it before you had ADSL again?

I ask because my sister has waited 5 weeks so far (since the end of August), I think they told her 10-15 days initially.

I created a new ticket for her problem on Sunday and that still hasn't been responded too...

Moving home woes once again

It took them 3 weeks with constant pestering AFTER the alleged 10 (we kept our phone number) days was up.

I really can't believe that the help & support is so bad.