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Moving broadband to new home


Moving broadband to new home


Having informed Plusnet on 31st October that I wanted to move my broadband to my new home I have today (9th November) be told that this will not be setup until the 27th November. This is because there was broadband was already setup in the new home and BT take 10 days to cancel before you can move my account.

Why does the Plusnet website not tell you to check with the previous owners that they had broadband and the consequences of this!!!Huh? The website says 7-10 days to move broadband but it really takes 4 weeks.

I am not a internet (broadband) expert this is PlusNets job (for £30 per month) and now I have to wait 4 weeks to get it setup in my new home.

A support team member after informing me of the 4 week wait time mentioned a migration code that would make it quicker to move my broadband across. Why is all this not on the website - AM I PSYCHICHuh You are meant to support your customers not hinder them or inform them of possibilities after the event
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Moving broadband to new home

Moving broadband is a nightmare with all ISPs because BT is involved. At least with Plusnet I have my problems tracked effectively. My last ISP outsourced it's residential customer service to India and is now impossible to deal with. It also insisted that you take out two accounts, one for the old place and one for your new which didn't make much sense to me.

Moving broadband

I have had exactly the same experience. Finally I was told by customer services on the phone about dual provide orders and given a code to enable b.b to be anabled on my new line before the move. They gave me a code but when I called BT with this, whilst initially hopeful, it transpired that the line I am moving to had b.b enabled (from a different supplier) and was only due to cancel on moving day. Therefore plusnet activation could not start until moving day and will now take a week to setup.

At least BT were helpful and have waived any call charged to the 0845 plusnet dialup number for the whole of November while B.B is set up.

I agree with you, the support section of plusnets site is crap, they don't pubish any of this where it is easily accesible!!!!!!

Think I may be changing ISP when the 12 months is up!!!