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Moving... and wondering if... (Money Issue)


Moving... and wondering if... (Money Issue)

Heya. Ive requested my MAC code today and ive got few questions...

1. During my time with +net, for two months i paid £29.99 because i wanted the faster 4MB servies but then i realised i was just wasting my money and went back to normal £21.99... Now that im migrating, they will charge me £14.99. So i was wondering do you think that they will refund me the £16 for the service i never recieved and then that could cover the cost of migration. Would they do that sort of thing?

2. How long does it take ppl these days to get their MAC key and for how long is it valid for?

Thank you for all your help.
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Re: Moving... and wondering if... (Money Issue)

1) I'm not sure, but you could give it a try. PN have made conflicting statements about the refunds in the past, so I wouldn't hold your breath, to be honest.

2) They seem to take up to a day and a half to generate (some of them get done much quicker) and it's valid for 30 days. If you don't use it, then it lapses.

Moving... and wondering if... (Money Issue)

Great! Thanks for your reply. I will prob then use it 10days before my next bill. Might aswel use the most of the paid service while i can lol.

So do you think its best if i ring them or send them another ticket?

Moving... and wondering if... (Money Issue)

if you raise a ticket they will hopefully look at your account and see what's what and work out all the monetary stuff that is owed

Moving... and wondering if... (Money Issue)

Raise another ticket (they're cheaper for PN to process and quicker than calls, and offer a better audit trail), and tell them they can take the money for the MAC key from the outstanding money which you've overpaid and are still due back from them.

Moving... and wondering if... (Money Issue)

Alright great, i'll go and do that now then.

Thanks again for all you help guys.

Really appreciate the fast replies!

Keep up the good work!!

Moving... and wondering if... (Money Issue)

Hmm coz ive raised two different tickets, the same question came up in both so i asked them two same things and its funny how i got a different response.

-The question:
"During my time with +net, for two months (21/10/05 and 21/11/05) i paid £29.99 because i wanted the faster 4MB servies but as i wasnt recieving the serive i changed back to £21.99... Now that im migrating, you are going to charge me £14.99. Would i be able to get the £16 refunded for the service that i did not recieve OR could you use the outstanding money to cover the cost of my migration? "

- "We would only be able to refund the additional money for 4Mb services if it became apparent that BT were unable to supply this service in your area. I have checked your telephone number an the service is now available, as such a refund could not be offered in this instance."

- "Unfortunatley as we are still paying retal to BT on your behalf, we cannot refund any money."


The 1st answer raised more questions like "So why am i not recieving this service if i have paid for it? If i didnt actually recieve this service and paid for it why can i not get my money back?" to which they replied "Because you eill go onto the service faster than customers that didnt pay upfront. So you will not be reciving a refund now that its avaible."

Even though ive had no info on being upgraded yet even tho ive been ringing them at least 3 times a week since the 3rd of April.

Ah well, i just give up really. I told them i dont really care, i just want my MAC code to get away from them ASAP.

Shame, they used to be so good.