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Moving abroad - email advice please ?


Moving abroad - email advice please ?

Hi All
We've finally got a date our permanant move to the Republic of Ireland..

Was just wondering how to handle the 'transition' stage. At the moment it's by no means certain that eircom (=Irish BT) will even have installed a phone line for us.... so we may have to rely on daily visits to an Internet Cafe during the first few days...

So - seeking suggestions from anybody who might have been through the same experience..

If we can get a phone line installed, then we'll need some sort of 'short-term' dialup access, probably payg, and can then use webmail to access plusnet email.

We have a number of domains - which currently have email redirected to plusnet's email.

Once a 'proper' broadband connection is sorted then we can easily get the domain email pointed to the new isp.

Am I approaching this in the right way ? - or is there another better way to do this ?

Adrian - Suffolk UK