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Moving Question !


Moving Question !


I have read the page about moving house, but here is what i want to do:-

1. Leave my current ADSL Connection at my present location

2. Have a new connection at my new flat

3. Keep my current log on details, but have this with my new address

4. Have a new log on for my old house (leaving it for the old folks, but will want to downgrade the service and change over the details)

I think i have a general idea on how to go about this but would like some ideas from the forums Cheesy

Lee :?
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Moving Question !

I think what you want to do is impossible Cry

To have ADSL at your new home with your existing account will certainly mean having it installed at the new premises and ceased from the old.

Then you would have to provide a new user name and new ADSL to replace the old one at your current address.