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Moving :: I want to stay with PlusNet ... will they help me?


Moving :: I want to stay with PlusNet ... will they help me?

I'm moving house to a brand new property. BT will install a line there on or before the 29th. The postcode is new. I tried to use the PN 'moving house' form, but the postcode checker doesn't find the new address (interestingly, other service suppliers have no problem ... Hmmm?). Furthermore, since the line isn't yet active it can't be requested.

I tried calling PN ... what a fiasco. PN should realise that not all customers fit into neat little boxes they can define into a webform ...

Frustrated, but not defeated, I posted a question 2028960 on Thursday last - no answer yet.

Increasingly frustrated I requested a MAC code on Sunday last - no answer yet.

This makes a mockery of the 'average' 18 hour response time.

Despite these problems I'd would prefer to stay with PlusNet if they show any evidence of listening and responding - when things work I get good value. However, I'm tired of hanging on the end of a phone or posting questions to what appears to be a blackhole.

For comparison, I've dealt with BT and OneTel recently about the move - easy, straightforward, quick and efficient. Quickly negotiate the call centre menu, speak to a real person, state the issue, get a name and reference number. Sorted.

Service companies should provide customer service.
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Moving :: I want to stay with PlusNet ... will they help me?

I have just replied to one of your tickets.

Could you confirm that you also want the current line ceased on that same date?