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Moving House


Moving House

I am moving house in two weeks and want to transfer myplusnet ADSL.

I am literally moving across the road, and will be on the same exchange.

BT have also given me the option of keeping my number.

What is the best way to to proceed to allow minimum downtime? If I keep my existing number, will ADSL transfer automatically or will it actually slow the process. Or should I change my number to speed up the process.

Thanks in advance

RE: Moving House

Hi There,

It doesn't matter whether you change your number or not, as ADSL is activated on your line, not your number. This means that in order to move your ADSL line, a BT engineer will need to attend at your exchange and take ADSL off your current line. ADSL then needs to be re-enabled on your new line.

Unfortunately BT don't have a specific process for doing this, so the procedure is that we do a "Cease and Re-provide". This involves us cancelling your current ADSL line, and then ordering ADSL on your new line. The process to change the line is likely to take 7 - 14 days, and will result in some downtime. You will be charged a new activation fee for the reactivation on the new line, although this does not affect any minimum contract terms you hold with us.

When you are ready to do this, you should change your address details via our portal and then raise a ticket on your account using Contact Us. Once you have done this we will set the wheels in motion and keep you up to date with regard to our progress.


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support