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Moving House


Moving House

Without losing my rag thus follows.

I move house

I use dial-up

Moving house page fails to work

I call the help line

I get told to issue my details via the help assistant

I issue my details via the help assistant

I get a response, something like; *internal* please action house move.

I reply, requesting feedback as no emails emerge with details of the move.

I reply for 4 days in a row

I am ignored COMPLETELY

I'm still paying. (And for dial-up as well)

11 days now since I submitted my details.
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Moving House

Send an email to with your username and ticket number. Someone from comms should be able to chase it then.

Moving House

Thank you for the post and advice.

Why does no one from plusnet respond to my questions? What kind of ISP is this?
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Moving House


Did you send an email to the above address as suggested?

I don't believe I've seen anything regarding house moves recently, but I may have missed it.