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Moving House


Moving House

If I stay with Plusnet and use the Moving home service and don't keep my existing number how much downtime will there be?

Will the service stop at my existing residence and be enabled at the new residence on the day of the move?

Moving House


As far as I understand it, there doesnt have to be any down time at all providing you follow

This Usergroup Tutorial

Other than this it could end up being a couple of weeks, and then possibly some if BT decide to be daft about it.

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Moving House

My experience of moving house (I am currently on my second move in 12 months) is that it is almost impossible to get PN & BT to work in unison if you are getting a new number. This is because PN cannot instigate the the new broadband connection until you new line is activated, which is usually on the day of your move.

Be prepared to be without PN connection for at least 5 days, assuming BT get your line in on time. I am currently waiting for them to install additional in the local exchange as it is at full capacity, before I get a connection to the house and only then can PN start their process :x