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Move on

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Move on

To all upset PN USENET fans, just go outside and shout (F***** Hell) and pay up and feel the calm afterwards, then just go to other ISP and get on with life you will feel alot better than raveing on in here, life must go on Cheesy
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Registered: 15-08-2007

Move on

I don't use usenet, but I have to say, even I don't like the attitude you're showing here.

This forum is for customer feedback. If someone wants to tell plusnet that they have a genuine grievance over usenet speeds, then this is a designated place to do so.

I would suggest that if you don't like these posts, then either don't read them, or go elsewhere yourself.

Move on

I use Usenet and because i pay for the use of it i like to be able to download what i need when i need it at the speed of the connection i pay for,
Unfortunatly this is not possible all the time with plusnet, my total d/l usage last mth was 27gig so i would not class myself has a heavy d/ler,

I was also misinformed by plusnet Sales when i first signed up as i was looking at the BB+ option but noticed that priority was given to web browsing and e-mail, so talked to Sales about it and they said premier package is what you want, 150 d/l allowance no traffic shaping etc,, only to find out from these forums that what ive been told by Sale was wrong,

If you are happy with the service then thats fine by me but dont accuse users of moanig etc when from what ive seen on here since ive signed up just over 1month ago most unhappy users have every right to complain..

And yes ive got my MAC code and signed up with a new isp which should take place by the 29th, a ISP whos has everything in black and white when you chose a package so you can see what you are excactly getting in regards to usage allowance, a true 20:1 contention ratio, no speed throttling etc..

Things might change as the more users signup and make use of the new Video streaming , Voip, etc etc..But aslong as im informed about any changes that might be due then i can either accept it or change isp.

and when i get online with the new ISP and find anything is not as it should be then i will complain on their forum..and on AG to make others aware, and same goes if the service is good then i will praise them and recommend them for free as i belive any kind of service if its that good is worth recommending.

But with plusnet from my short time with them i would not reccomend them to anyone,