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Move My ADSL pricing irregularity?

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Registered: 01-09-2007

Move My ADSL pricing irregularity?

I see that Plusnet are offering to move my ADSL for me as long as I stay with them for 6 years (which I am planning to do). In general I understand the terms, but there seems to be an irregularity in the Terms and Conditions.

On this page it says With PlusNet you don't have to pay a penny to move your broadband to your new address.

However, on this page, it says There is a £5.88 (inc VAT) admin charge that will be taken immediately and if you stay with us that's all you have to pay.

Which page is right?
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Registered: 13-06-2007

Move My ADSL pricing irregularity?

The admin charge is correct. I have raised problem 27961 to get this fixed.