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Perhaps someone can look into my issue.

I am currently waiting 17 days since my move adsl request. The website stats 7 - 10 days. I kept my original telephone number when I moved and only after I stated that to plusnet was I told 14 days. However that has come and gone and still no ADSL. I have been informed that BT still has not ceased my previous line so a re-order has not been done. Plusnet issue with BT in this matter has nothing to do with me. I am paying Plusnet £65 to move my adsl and Plusnet liase with BT Wholesale on the matter.

I want results not telling me it is BT the whole time. Surely you have liasons or relationship managers ot whatever you call them with BT.

I want my moneys worth not 3 weeks of downtime.
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Hi there,

This is an unfortunate situation that we come across every now and again and is very frustrating for both us and yourself.

When we try to place an order with your phone number, we get a rejection message of:

"Incompatible products exist on this line, we can not create an order."

As per your ticket, I have asked my provisioning team to chase this up again with BT, but until their systems data changes, we cannot place an order.


I have contacted BT numerous time this week already.

Either they are not being helpful or there is a problem with BT Wholesale and this "ECO System" you are using.

Can someone just phone BT Wholesale and get confirmation as to exaclty what the problem is. They refuse to speak to me saying that Plusnet must contact them.

I am phoning BT while typing this message asking them to "reset" my whole line. If such an option exists. .


Just got off the phone from BT and it seems that my initial ADSL was not removed from my previous premises. They say it will be 24hrs and it will be reomved.I

Surely Plusnet should of known that,

I am very annoyed that I had to use so much of my time to resolve an issue that I am paying £65 for.

I want this issue addressed and expect Plusnet to come up with a compromise. If BT service is bad then penalise them and sort it out with them I dont see why I should pay for a service that I requested 18 days ago and stil has not been resolved.

I guess this means I will have to wait another 7 - 10 says for the reorder as stated on your portalHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuh
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BT pass on very little info regarding the progress of ADSL orders so I would not be surprised in plusnet were not informed of the ADSL not being removed from your old line - they actually don't need to know. It is BT's responsibility to perform all ADSL related activities on your line and plusnet have to just sit back and wait just like you have.

There is also very little Plusnet can do to hurry BT up or get info out of them - it's the way BT are and always have been. Plusnet also get frustrated by this lack of info as you do.


If it is constant issue cant plusnet report it to Trading Standards and Offtell.

However I am still wainting for an official response from Plusnet.

In the mean time I have been checking at other options especially ZEN.

I am being charged £29.99 a month for 1mb line plus £65 for my move. I currently have an upload 128kbs with Plusnet. Never been an issue before however If I simply cancelled with Plusnet and moved to ZEN I would pay £50 for a reconnection fee plus pay £27.98 for 1mb with 256k upload.

According to ZEN is producing a far superior product and level of service than Plusnet. In the past it was other way around hence my decision to go with Plusnet.
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The upload speed with us is 256kbps too, not 128kbps.

Unfortunately with a cease a reprovide where you keep the same number there is little we can do to speed this up. BT's various databases take a while to catch up and show that ADSL is no longer on the number.
You'd have exactly the same problem with any ISP. BT are trying to improve the moving house process and make it better, but unfortunately delays like this can still happen.



To be perfectly honest I thought it would be logical to keep my current number with adsl move.

Had I known that it was totally the opposite I would never of bothered keeping the number. However no one informed me of that. Perhaps Plusnet should state that on the Move ADSL page. That way you can avoid this kind of frustration.

However only after I initiated the move I was told of this issue. I was then qouted 14 days by one of your colleagues on customer services. It is now 18 days and a reorder has not even been requisitioned by Plusnet.

What gets me the most is that I had to get a BT agent on the line that was willing to phone BT Wholesale which is not allowed. I was then informed of the real problem that the cease was not completed as stated by Plusnet on the 16th.

So if someone from Plusnet just did there job and made one phone call BT could of been chased along. I do not believe that Plusnet's relationship between BT is my concern and I find it very poor that becasue of the lack of communication between Plusnet and BT I must suffer.

So here I sit with my thumb up my ..........
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As soon as we receive your request to move your ADSL we submit this through the channels we have available, to BT to be actioned.

We are then in the same position as yourself, to an extent, in that it is then BT that is driving the whole process. We do chase up delayed orders on behalf of all of our customers.

The relationship we have with BT is a very strong one, but what appears to have happened here is that the cease showed as completed on the system we have available (ECO) however it may not have fully updated right across the whole BT system and closed. There is also the issue that when you move your line BT cannot reprovide on that line until the line has been fully moved over and all the correct details for the line have been updated on all of BT's databases.

I apologise if this was not made entirely clear to you at the time you placed your request, but we will endeavour to get this up and running for you as soon as possible.