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More random dissconections


More random dissconections

I am currently on my second modem as the first one was faulty as well.
I have been trying to get this sorted since 12/05/05 but with no progress.
After going through the endless f9 performance attempting to get a BT engineer on site he informed me that,as I expected, the line was perfect (as it should be since I had to pay £45 to Bt initially as the line would not sync). F9 now flatly refuse to replace my faulty modem until they have it in their own hands.I have offered to pay for the new one up front & get a refund later but to no avail.They expect me to be off line until they manage to get a replacement to me: I don' t have dial up anymore. What arrogance! What service!!!
Now to add insult to injury I have just got my BT bill & I see that BT have charged me £45 to tell me that the modem & not the line is faulty.

In all of this (& I have just read through the lengthy list of contact us posts) I have not received one word of apology for the time , trouble ,inconvenience & expense I have had to put up with.
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More random dissconections


I don't see why we wouldn't take up your offer to pay for the modem up front before sending a replacement. The only cavaet I can see to that is that if your current modem isn't faulty it would be sent back to you and we wouldn't be able to refund the charge. If your fine with this then raise a ticket, let me know the number and I'll arrange it for you.

Alternatively if you know anyone else with Broadband could you borrow their modem/router?