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More 'improvements' - You couldn't make it up

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More 'improvements' - You couldn't make it up

So, we had a topic here, newsgroup postings, and discussions on the PlusNet site about the patronising spin on the recent letters about no longer taking certain types of payment. And comments from the F9/+Net team about having words with the author of the letter, and not letting this happen again.


Date: 25th November
We wrote to you recently to tell you about the improvements that we are making, concerning the means of payment that we accept. From 12th December we will no longer process payment by Switch, Delta or Solo for regular subscription payments, but rather we will be moving to Direct Debit or Credit Card payment

Someone really is taking the p*ss this time.

It is NOT an improvement. It is a FORCED CHANGE both for customers and F9/+Net. Sorry to shout but it seems that quiet reasoning is just not working any more.

I hope that I can tune into the F9 webcams sometime today and see some guy repeatedly getting a large boot applied to his backside. This would seem to be the only way to get the message across to this dumb, patronising moron.


More 'improvements' - You couldn't make it up

These are getting quite funny now. I got one today for my PlusNet FREE account.

Our records show that you have previously paid for your Free account by Switch, Delta or Solo. In order that no interruption to your service should occur after 12th December, please ensure that your current method of payment is either Direct Debit or Credit Card

I think FREE means that i don't need to set up a direct debit, or do i need to set one up to transfer £0 every month to PlusNet.

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More 'improvements' - You couldn't make it up

LOL - Chaps, we agree with you and the relevant horses have been shot...