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More Disconnects .... !!!!!!!!!!!


More Disconnects .... !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

I'm still getting regular disconnects ... usually 15-30 minutes after my connection. It's affecting both torrent & web-surfing.

I have to re-boot my PC when this happens so that I can get online again !.


It's been happening for months now.

Has anyone else had the same problem ?. If so, how did you sort it out please ?.

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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More Disconnects .... !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi John,

When the connection drops does your modem/router lose sync (usually indicated by a flashing ADSL light)? I presume from having to reboot your PC that you've got a USB modem so I'm assuming that it is dropping sync. If so the first thing I would suggest is to take a look through this:

To see if anything there helps.