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Moderators with an agenda


Moderators with an agenda

Quote from this group:

"None of the moderators work for PlusNet. Phil used to be a moderator, left and then took a job at PlusNet. The fact he was a moderator only shows that PlusNet are activly working to reruit good agents. I don't think anyone would disagree that he brings a wealth of knowledge to his new role in PlusNet and I know he's enjoying it."

I don't doubt any of the above.

I sincerely do doubt NOT Phils motives..

But I do Plusnets :-(

Moderators with an agenda

OK alot of ppl like me are upset at the current situation but ease up, you will get urself banned.

Or tbh leave, I have TS looking into wether PN should be charging me £58.75 for going, due to only reason Im going is the poor service. Whatever happens Im going.

It seems PN want ppl who just email and surf, my average download is 8gig a month, however Im a gamer and my service now is worse that the last 3 years on ISDN..
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Moderators with an agenda

Dinwoodi has occupied enough threads with his beliefs. Thread locked.