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Migration to Plusnet


Migration to Plusnet


Our account was just activated today (Premiere) after a migration. We have a support ticket saying "This ADSL account is migrating from another ISP and requires a CSC operative to use the following details", then the MAC code, BT product and so on.

The end of the message says
Because Customer existing BT product has been changed, the automatic regrade associated with the migration will not be initiated.

Please check, based on above information, if the regrade is still needed after migration. If so raise the appropriate regrade request manually.
If no regrade is required please check that the provisioned and provided BT product details are correct for this account type

Does this mean some action is required to upgrade our connection to 2MB (we are getting 1MB speeds right now)?

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Migration to Plusnet

From your quote it looks as if that was an internal ticket meant for a CSC rep, i'd hold fire for a bit and see what happens!

Migration to Plusnet

if you migrated from another isp at 1mb then you come to plusnet as 1mb and have the option to stay at 1mb or pay £14.99 for an upgrade to the 2mb serivce or at least that is what i did when i joined a month or so ago.

Migration to Plusnet

Well, we were on a Home 1000 service, though I thought we opted to be upgraded to 2MB when we signed up for the Plusnet migration. Which makes me think no7olivier may be right about it being an internal ticket.

Would it be possible to get confirmation from PN staff wether we need to apply for the 2MB upgrade, or should we just sit tight for now?


Migration to Plusnet

It looks as if PN may be looking at this already, but if nothing happens then the way that it works is that your account speed is dictated by the physical product that BT have applied to your line in the exchange.
This is why you start off with Plusnet at the speed you left your previous ISP.
It may seem a bit confusing, as the product you are most likely on is an 'up to 2Mbs' package. This means you will eventually get a free upgrade to the fastest speed your line will take, and you have the option to upgrade to 2Mbs now, for a one off fee of £14.99.
It may be the case that BT refuse to upgrade your line, as it may be outside the limits set for providing this faster service, if this is the case, you would receive the £14.99 upgrade fee back as a refund.

Wait to see what happens from the ticket already on your account, and the you can evaluate the options properly