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Migration question


Migration question

I am considering leaving (and taking my 4 referrals with me) and was looking for some info with regards to timescales.

How long does it take to get a MAC code ?

Can I still use my PN account all the way up to my new ISP activation ?

How long does it normally take to migrate to a new ISP ?

Many thanks,

Migration question


You can get your mac within an hour sometimes. However Plusnet sometimes like to get a retention person to call you to find out why your leaving. If you state on the mac request you don't want to be contacted it can speed things up.

Your Plusnet account usually remains active until your 30 day notice period has expired.

Migrations normally take place in the early hours of the morning on the date requested. Just put your new details into your router and your away.

Hope this helps.
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Migration question

You are required to give Plusnet 30 days notice to migrate. Any payments within the 30 days wll be taken, but you will be refunded for days that you don't use.

Plusnet don't issue MAC codes at the weekend, so you're probably looking at a few days to get one. However, the 30 day notice starts on the day you request it, not the day you receive it.

MAC codes are valid for 30 days, i.e. you have to initiate your migration within this time.

How long it takes to complete the migration is dependent, in a way, on the ISP you migrate to. When you migrate to PN for example, you are asked for the date you want your migration to take place. Migrations usually take a minimum of 7 days however.

In order to get the most for your money, you should choose your migration to happen just before your 30 days notice period it up, therefore you wont b left paying for 2 ISPs at the same time.

There is little downtime involved. The line will drop in the early hours and reconnect moments later on your new ISP.

Migration question

That's great. Thanks for all the info. Very informative.