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Migrating out to zen


Migrating out to zen

I have never been one of the angry people shouting about plusnet. I've been pretty happy with my connection as i get full speed downloads all the time. They have supplied me, in the main, with the service they promised.

The only question mark i have is about the speed of torrents and limewire. I think they may be throttling these a fair bit. Yesterdayi tried a torrent (knoppix) which should have been downloadable at full speed but i was only getting 180kb/s.

Anyway, last night at about 11.30 or something (don't exactly remember - i'd had a few beers!! Cheesy ) i requested my mac. They phoned this morning to try to find out why and persuade me to stay but i told the guy i was definitely going and he accepted it, and immediately supplied me with my mac!! I am totally impressed. Requested late on Saturday night and received on Sunday morning. It took me ages to get my mac from pipex.

I'm off to the mighty zen to see what it is like. But i may be back. Plusnet have been ok as far as i'm concerned. All the changes never really bothered me. All the way through them i kept getting good speeds so what was the problem.