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Migrating out Worthwhile?


Migrating out Worthwhile?

I'm sick of the regular email problems, now spammed to death and especially the MAXDsl outages I get (especially when uploading to webspace or even to Tesco picture service where I'm lucky to manage 2 pics before disconnected from net altogether).

I'm just wondering if it's worth migrating to (for instance) BT. The spam situation would be fixed and probably their email is far superior (couldn't be worse surely) but would my connection be any better as I'm not on an LLU line?

Losing my webspace would be a problem as I use it to store pics and videos for my website.

Worthwhile or not?
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Migrating out Worthwhile?

Personally I think you would be better getting an account with a company I use for email ->

Works out at like £11/£12 a year but well worth it. Comes with Virus Protection, Spam Protection, Ability to use Domains, ect. This would solve your spam problems.

With regards to your MaxDSL problems, are you using the master BT socket? If not, try using it and see if your disconnections continue. If you are using the master, then raise a ticket with PN informing them of this and see if they can get it sorted for you.