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Migrated to Plusnet from Wanadoo - Question


Migrated to Plusnet from Wanadoo - Question


Is there anyway that PlusNet can check that my previous account with Wanadoo is now closed? I have been trying to contact them to find out but keep getting this messege via phone and email:
We are very sorry but as we are making some changes to our system it may
take us some time to get back to your enquiry

Now they wont be working again till Tuesday next week which only leaves me like 1 day to make sure they wont charge me for next month when I am not using them anymore.

If PN or anyone could reassure me or tell me of a way that I can find out definate before Tuesday that would be great, otherwise I guess I will have to wait and see :?
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Migrated to Plusnet from Wanadoo - Question

Unfortunately there's no way we can tell if Wanadoo (or any provider for that matter) has closed your old account, only they will be able to do that.

Migrated to Plusnet from Wanadoo - Question

Ah right no problem, will just have to wait and see Wink
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Migration from Wanadoo

I migrated from Wanadoo to Plusnet last month. Shortly afterwards Wanadoo refunded money for the unused part of the month to my credit card. If you go to the Wanadoo members page you can access your old Payment Account using your Wanadoo details; this should show a refund....if any is due.
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Migrated to Plusnet from Wanadoo - Question


I left wanadoo, it will always be Freeserve to me !!!, in May.

I was moving house so I closed the account, I told them 28 days in advance.
I phoned on the date of termination to confirm, yes that was fine.

Moved house, got threating letter in August demanding payment for Jun-July.

Phoned them. Ooohh I see,mmhhh can't think why you got a letter !!

Be warned !!