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Migrated to PlusNet


Migrated to PlusNet

I had been with Wanadoo / Freeserve for many years, although I was not being capped, I was only on the 512k service, it was time for me to look at migrating.

It has taken me 5 months to migrate, why? Simple, I wanted to make sure I migrated over to a company which offered a service that suited me. I looked at many companies that were offering a similar service, and to be frank I contacted each company (eventually shortlisting 5) and 'bugged' the pants off them.

Maybe I was lucky, who knows, but Plusnet on each occasion provided comprehensive answers to all my questions and each time I contacted them they were pleasant and co-operative. I have to admit, I considered and almost subscribed to Demon, but they do not offer migration on the package I wanted, instead you must cancel your existing ISP and then subscribe to Demon, I for one could not live without my internet connection, even for a few days.

Within 5 days of receiving my MAC, not only had I migrated over to Plusnet but I also received my 2mb connection. I have been on Plusnet now for 2 weeks, no problems, no complaints, excellent speeds and the one occasion I needed help my enquiry was answered fully by helpful people within 3 minutes of ringing.

If this last two weeks is anything to go by, I will be happy here - fingers crossed!

Excellent Cheesy
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Migrated to PlusNet

Welcome caytonbay Smiley

Lots of commotion here at the moment over changing Terms and Conditions, hopefully things will settle down again soon.

I also have no probs with my connection, PN seem reasonable. Getting a bit worried by all the changing/unhappy people here but keeping fingers crossed it will turn out all right in the end.

Nice to have you here!

Migrated to PlusNet

Hey caytonbay, you sound like you did pretty much exactly the same as me, and got the same results Smiley

I wanted 2mb broadband, but my provider (topletter) wanted to change £89.99 per month for it, so after a long while of emailing and looking around, I finally migrated here.