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Migrate domain and email to BT


Migrate domain and email to BT


I want to migrate my domain to BT, along with its email traffic. I need as little downtime as possible, whats the best way to proceed?



Migrate domain and email to BT

Hi Martin,

I can't speak about plusnet/BT specifically, but one thing that is important when shifting domains is to lower the TTL (Time to Live) values on your DNS entries for your domain. This needs to be done, at the very least, before the length of time of your current TTL values, to allow any already cached responses to be flushed prior to the move.

So for example, if your existing TTL's are set to say 43200 seconds (12 hours, which is quite typical), you would need to lower your TTL values at least 12 hours prior to making the move (I would recommend doubling this value just to be on the safe side).

I would suggest lowering your TTL's to around five minutes (300 seconds). This means, when you do make the switch, the most downtime any individual will experience from a stale DNS response is 5 minutes. (Of course don't forget to increase it back to something sensible, once the change is made).

Then it's basically a matter of getting access to your new web-space/e-mail control panel with BT (by IP address, as your domain will still point to PlusNet), getting everything setup ready to roll, and then updating your domain DNS entries to point to BT's nameservers once everything on the BT side is ready to go.

That is general advice.. as I said, I don't have any specific knowledge of plusnet/BT's hosting.

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Migrate domain and email to BT

You can't change the TTL on PlusNet.

There will be up to 2 days downtime with a Domain switch due to many DNS caching servers not updating for that period of time.

It also depends on how BT deal with domain transfers - I have no idea on this.

To transfer out a domain, just do to the Domain Names section on the left and click transfer out next to the domain. Then put the BT IPSTAG in the box and click submit. From that point, PN no longer have any control of the domain and you will not be able to correct the ISPTAG once this is done so be VERY careful you put the correct one it.

Then wait at least 12 hours and do whatever is necessary on BT to get your domain on your account.

There are alternatives to having your domain with BT, possibly much cheaper as well.

Migrate domain and email to BT

I don't know much about these things but what I do know is make sure you move things with a professional supplier. Are BT? I don't think so if you have to ask here.

I'd contact one of the many excellent companies that do this work and they have to do it right because that's their job. They will advise exactly how to do things and how things aught to happen.

Assuming of course this is important for you.