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May move


May move

I am thinking of moving ISP as PN will not offer 8Mbps to me as a relativly new customer for years even though I offered to pay BT fee, I am considering new ISP although I have requrements which may isolate many ISP's, my sleep pattern due to sleep disorder is irratic and unstable and as such I require my internet service to be avalable 24/7/365 if it is ever not available when I try to use it I evpect to talk to a human being and I do not care if it is 12:00 or 03:00.

Now I know many ISP's are slow on this but given PN schedule and their lack of willing to upgrade me if the fee is paid at least fot half a year more likly given PN scedules year, not that is a problem really I wated here 3 month even thouh a whoosh test calls my line 897m and way better than the limits of 2Mbps, I did so as I would not py to move from 1Mbps-2Mbps although I would pay for more, granted I know if I moves I will owe PN the £14.99 defered regrade fe which I did agree to by signing up so no qubilles there, however PN now leaves me with at least £15 to loose before I consider moving ISP non-viable so if anyone can offer me advice I saw one, quite expensive began with an x but forget which much tim searching forum may find.

And yes do not worry all I know the PN supplied mods will lock this post as outside their pro PN stance so what is the deal?

May move

The mods are not PN supplied they are chosen by the members of the forums.

Secondly a number of the mods (one or two in particular) have issues with the way PN are running (or not as the case might be) things at the moment.

Anyway on to the regrade:

PN can not accept orders from customers for paid regrades at the moment as their agreement with BTw does not allow this. The number of regrade requests an ISP can submit per day to BTw is based on their market share - for PN this equates to 700 regrades per day. PN had 5000 (from one Dave's posts) customers on the 4 or 8mb packages - 5000/700 is just over 7 days worth of regrades just for the people who've been paying for the higher speeds without getting them for a long time.

BTw have promised to release a bulk regrade tool towards the end of this month which (hopefully) will allow alot more regrades to be placed per day. Once this is in place then PN and BTw may well be in a position where they can offer a paid queue jump...

Until BTw offer the bulk regrade tool I'm afraid like the rest of us you'll just have to be patient...
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May move

@mttjocy - I'm not sure from your post what speed you are on at present.
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