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Maxdsl - Get a new modem


Maxdsl - Get a new modem

good day

as we read quite few users experiencing disconnections after upgrade to Madsl - i just tough to post this few lines - which surely will help few.

few days ago - another user recomended to change your modem - to make sure the hardware is able to cope with the new maxdls 8 mb.

after i also experienced disconnections - i bought a new modem - Trust md b100 modem for just approx 20 £ - wich can handle up to 8 mb.

the swap of the modem from an alcatel speed and touch bought back few years ago - with a new modem that is designed and can actually handle the 8 mb of maxdsl - completely fix the problem of disconnections - and further increase maxdsl speed.

therefore if you still do not have a modem that actually is designed to handle the 8 mb and you are on maxdsl - - that could be the cause of your disconnections.

once your maxdsl is working correctly - is really worth the pain !!

Maxdsl - Get a new modem

I use an Alcatel PCI modem - Never had a problem with it disconnected and i get great speeds on my 8mb line Cheesy