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MaxDSL slowed my connection to a crawl......ideas please!!!

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Registered: 18-09-2007

MaxDSL slowed my connection to a crawl......ideas please!!!

Had my line upgraded (if that's the right word!) to MaxDSL 10 days ago, since when connection speeds in the evenings have slowed to a virtual standstill !!!!!!

Prior to MaxDSL, I was regularly able to get 4-5mb download speeds, but since the upgrade, I'm lucky if I can get above 2mb in the evenings - and its not much better in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning either!

I've tried everything to improve the download speeds - new microfilters, restarting the connection 8-10 times a day, unplugging things like phones and Sky digiboxes, but to no avail.

What else can I do, or is this simply the training phase and it will get betterHuh??

I'm using a Netgear DG834, showing the following stats:

Downstream Connection - 8128kbps
Attenuation downstream - 25dB
Noise Margin downstream - 6dB

Upstream connection - 832kbps
Attenuation upstream - 8dB
Noise margin upstream - 10dB

Distance to exchange - <1km

I'm at my wits end and wishing I'd never bothered upgrading - previously my router was synching downstream at the same speed but performing noticeably better.

Any help gratefully appreciated!


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Registered: 03-08-2007

MaxDSL slowed my connection to a crawl......ideas please!!!

I suspect most of your download problems are based on a combination of plain, old fashioned contention at your exchange and/or PNs overstuffed central pipes and traffic management!

If you want to know who to blame try running the BT Speedtester and if the results are faster than external testers it's probably PN contention/management that's the culprit, otherwise it's your BT exchange!

Your connection does not appear to be at fault if your stats are to be believed