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MaxDSL - Where are we with it?


MaxDSL - Where are we with it?

If I cancel my connection with PlusNet and then order a new one would I get a Maxed connection? much would that cost...?
... I'm thinking it may be worth it...

MaxDSL - Where are we with it?

Hmm.. I have raised a a couple of tickets recently on why the delay to get Maxed. My first request for this was dated May 6th. Since then I have been asked to resubmit my request to get Maxed. Presumably my original request was lost.
I am confused as to whether existing subscribers, as myself, can be or will be maxed. I see PlusNet advertises up to 8mb. connections therefor new subscribers can get Max. However, on this forum Plusnet have stated recently that Maxing is on hold.

My requests to Plusnet for clarification are all answered by the following reply, the tickets are also the closed.

We acknowledge your request to be regraded to DSLMax as a priority and will endeavour to submit your order ASAP.

Customer Support

This is a great phrase, which lacks the very detail I have requested i.e. why the delay?, when will I get maxed? and finally, could I cancel my Plusnet connection and immediately renew it, and thus be maxed, and how much would this cost?

Maybe, someone from PlusNet could answer my questions here?

Has Customer Support become a robot, Or do they think I am ?
Is this an example of improved customer support? I'm finding this lack of communication very frustrating.