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MaxDSL Problem Solved


MaxDSL Problem Solved

I've been having dreadful problems getting a stable connection to PN since the MaxDSL upgrade. If I could connect to a BF2 server I'd lose the connection within a few mins, half the time I couldn't connect at all! I also got constant drops and lose of sync while surfing.

Today I changed from my old Zoom PCI internal modem to the Binatone 500 usb which I was given when I first signed up to PN and it's working much better. No drops at all when surfing.

Still get dropped from BF2 with the 'There is a problem with your connection' message' from time to time though.

Would a router help to stabilse things even more, if so which one would folks recommend?

I mainly into gaming and a little surfing.
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MaxDSL Problem Solved

Yezz i hope i dont get all these problems when they upgrade me that wont be nice to have all that going on :?