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Max Speed.. on a lighter note....


Max Speed.. on a lighter note....

PlusNet Speed Test

Your current speed is:

153.85 Mbps

So I must have snagged a local pipe? :lol:

Seriously, other non-BT speed tests give me between 1.9 and 2.3 mb/s tonight, and I don't take any seriously.
But the Plus tests seem to give crazy results so often that I don't use them often. According to them I either have zero throughput, or at least tens of mbs. Once I had over a GB a second!

Is there any point of having a speed tester that gives such mad results?

Just out of interest, my plus speed tests for the first four days after I learned I'd been maxed, and today. 157538 kb/s seems to be popular and so does 0.

With another speed tester I just got 2350 kb/s, it varies from one moment to the next, but not by much now.

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
16-06-2006 22:10:33 2060.7
16-06-2006 22:10:13 2081.9
16-06-2006 22:07:42 0
16-06-2006 22:07:31 0
16-06-2006 21:59:56 157538
14-05-2006 22:44:39 1414.9
14-05-2006 22:44:09 1804.5
14-05-2006 22:43:47 1775.2
13-05-2006 13:08:50 157538
12-05-2006 22:26:04 2122.9
12-05-2006 22:25:43 0
12-05-2006 22:23:32 1893.1
12-05-2006 22:23:06 2142.5
12-05-2006 22:22:45 2209.1
12-05-2006 07:46:53 2221.2
12-05-2006 07:46:18 2307.3
12-05-2006 07:45:47 2097.3
11-05-2006 21:16:17 994.6
11-05-2006 21:15:46 867.2
11-05-2006 21:15:09 1167.1
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Max Speed.. on a lighter note....

Similar results here - after noticing that my router was now synching at 8Mbps rather than 2Mbps, I assumed (as I have not received any notification) that I am currently being 'maxed. So did a couple of speed tests (below) - stunned to see that instead of a very constant 2Mbps (as up to March this year), now getting either 0, or around 20Mbps.....

Previous speed test results:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
16-06-2006 10:17:25 20462.9
16-06-2006 10:16:59 16583
15-06-2006 16:05:23 2011.5
15-06-2006 15:37:47 20987.2
15-06-2006 15:37:14 19021.7
15-06-2006 15:36:45 0
06-03-2006 21:42:03 1890.6
19-01-2006 18:18:03 1919.9
21-12-2005 08:36:15 1934.5
21-12-2005 08:35:53 1917.5 speed test still gives a constant 2Mbps....

@alawless - as a matter of interest, how did you "learn" that you had been maxed....Huh Notification of some kind? Or discover/assume.....? Thx

Max Speed.. on a lighter note....

paksw, I received no notification, and for me it happened at a bad time.

I'd joined the max regrade queue, so knew it would happen sometime. Went on holiday on 1st May and returned on 9th May.
When I connected I found I was getting dropped connections in the evenings and my speed seemed erratic, so I checked my stats. Tha's how I found out.. no mail to inform me that I was about to be upgraded. In fact I finally learned that it happened on the 2nd May by sending a very specific and simple ticket/question to CS asking for the max date. Because I was maxed on the day after I went away I didn't connect at all until close to the end of my training period. So I have wondered at times if it was ever completed properly or my BRAS rate was set as a guestimate. I even had a stable rate of 2000 set by Plus a day after I first turned my kit back on! I've had littl;e change in speed since, although Plus assures me that they've received a grand total of 4 reports in about 7 weeks, the first 2 within the first 12 days after I was maxed, on day 9 (first connection date) and day 12.

As for speed tests, the best one from Plus I ever had gave me 2000 MB... which would mean I have a better connection on a single line than Plus does!

Other speed tests are unreliable and vary greatly, but our own provider is the only one that gives these crazy speeds, and that is after clearing my cache.

As for notification, I get the impression that the majority still aren't being told that they're being upgraded, even those who are being moved to LLU. For LLU that is a far more serios ommission than for max, because you can't easily move back or change ISP.