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Max DSL d/l speeds ??


Max DSL d/l speeds ??

be grateful if anybody could explain the following scenario regarding Max DSL d/l speeds for me ??

i build and repair computers and i have a rock solid 2mb Plusnet premier option 1 a/c.(non Max DSL)

my neighbour has a Plusnet BB+ a/c on max dsl synching at around 7mb.(has it for 2 months now)

quite often when testing a/cs for d\l speed i would d/l a driver file from the site and on my a/c i will always d/l those files at 220 to 240 kbs.

yesterday morning i was checking the speeds on my neighbours computer.
he was synching at 6.9mb
5 speedtests on plusnet gave d/l speeds of between 350kbs and 500kbs.
5 test d/l's from the epson site were all around the 75kbs mark.
i went straight back to my computer and tried the same file d/l's from epson - 220 to 240 kbs d/l speed time after time.
repeated straight away on neighbours computer with same files and still got 75kbs from epson site yet plusnet speed test was telling me their file was downloading at between 300kbs and 450kbs.
any explanations ?? or is this the "awesome" speed of max dsl in operation ?? lol

Max DSL d/l speeds ??

1) Don't trust Plusnet's speed tool, use something like ADSLGuide's tool instead.

2) On MaxDSL, the speed you sync at isn't the speed you download at. For this, you need to check the "stable rate". ( and use whichever value is the lowest.

3) BB+ restricts downloading speed as it's only meant for light usage.

Max DSL d/l speeds ??

i also used the adslguide speedtool - same result.
as regards BB+, restrictions on d/l's are only supposed to be on P2P.

Max DSL d/l speeds ??

They are, but from what I've read, I believe BB+ has less priority than BBP, so download speeds can be lower than people on BBP, depending on what other BB+ people are downloading.

Like P2P, if no other BB+ people used it, you could apparently get almost a decent speed out of it.

Max DSL d/l speeds ??

When my DSL Max has been working (which has been most of the time), I've managed to download at full speed when the server at the other end has the bandwidth to spare.

For example, and to gloat a bit too, I downloaded SP2 for Windows XP at an average of well over 750 kBps (about 5 minutes for 260ish MB) if I remember correctly

I've had to change my hardware from a 4 year old Alcatel Speedtouch USB (which wouldn't manage more than 350 kBps) to a new Zyxel Prestige 660H-61, which lets me run at full speed

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Max DSL d/l speeds ??


I'm pretty sure bRAS profiling will have something to do with the throughput speeds of your neighbour's connection.

This is basically the throttling BT apply in response to what their Dynamic Line Management tools consider the line to be capable of. On occasion this can see very poor download speeds on a line that is synchronising at an exceptionally high rate.

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