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Max DSL - am I there?


Max DSL - am I there?

How do I know if I've been upgraded to MaxDSL?

Reading some of the other threads it appears that even after upgrade you may not see any improvement in speed.

I have done the speedtest - getting 2Mbps download and have done the MaxDSL line test which shows I should be able to get over 5Mbps.

So how do I know whether my line is 2Mbps or has already been upgraded but without any improvement?

Max DSL - am I there?

Hi Gritton,

The quickest way is to look at your sync speed. If using a router log in and look at what speed you have sync'ed at. Your upstream should be obvious from the very second you have been upgraded as mine worked immediately.
The downstream on the other hand didnt change until BT had generated a report for my connection.

So in short, if upstream = greater than 288 ( ie 448 or higher ) then your on MAX ( please note if upstream is a lot higher then you may be on LLU ).